In 1987, we began growing plant material for the independent garden center market and we have not stopped growing and learning ever since! The commitments we made in 1987 still hold true today – growing the best quality plants with the least amount of chemicals and dynamite customer service. We live on the farm and we raised our children here so growing plants as ‘cleanly’ as possible has always been of prime importance. We were one of the first to have been certified organic for our vegetable starts long before it was a trend.

Times change as does the horticulture industry. We continue to adapt to changing consumer tastes, economic markets, dynamic weather conditions and all things in between. However, none of those things has ever deterred us from our original path of providing quality plant material and great customer service.

One of our most successful adaptations was turning to the Holiday market – a historically slower time of year for plant growers. In the mid 2000’s we began handcrafting unique Holiday Décor for the independent garden center market and to provide interior/exterior decorating services to the commercial market. It has turned into one of the most fun, creative and challenging things we do ever year.

We look forward to your call.

Training and Demonstrations

With so much experience under our belts, we have always felt that it is good to share our knowledge and even more importantly, our sheer joy of working with plant material. Nature is awe inspiring and we feel that the more others feel the awe – the better off all people and the planet will be. Cherie is available for presentations, training and demonstration classes for your business or garden club.