About Us

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Craftsman Growers of Unique Plants


At Cedarglen Floral, we pride ourselves on the quality of our plants.
We are’ craftsman growers’ – producing beauty one plant at a time.

We incorporate extra steps in our growing process to produce plants with longevity and extraordinary beauty.
We desire your customers to become repeat customers!

Cherie and June with flats of gorgeous annuals Sedum Bowl Cedarglen Floral employees

Attention to Detail
We take the extra time and care needed to produce material you can be proud to sell. For example, we add biological elements to our soils to enhance root development. This reduces the need for chemical intervention. We use biologicals (good bugs) to fight our battles. Yes! It truly is a bug-eat-bug world around here.

Our crews space our plants – refraining them from growing ‘pot-to-pot’. This is an expensive and time consuming process, but the finished product is 360 degrees beautiful on your bench,  rack or shelf.

Certified Organic
Cedarglen Floral herbs, veggies and fruit crops are Oregon Tilth Certified Organic and USDA Certified Organic. We are very proud of this distinction.We want and need to promote sustainability with other locally owned business like you. We plan to be here for the long term and desire to become a partner with our customers, not just a vendor. We are passionate when it comes to buying local where we can, not only for our business but personally as well

eric_cherieAvailable for Training or Demonstrations
Cherie is available for speaking engagements to enhance sales. She has a wide list of training  and demonstration classes tailored to train your employees or delight your customers.

Schedule a Visit
Please come and visit! Give us a call or stop by. We would love to show you our production area and introduce you to our talented and dedicated team. We want to encourage and support, you our customers, to achieve your business goals. Let’s enjoy the journey this year together!

– Eric and Cherie Siegmund