Organic Vegetables

Oregon Titlh and USDA certified organic vegetable starts. New varieties are in Bold.

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Status Plant Variety
Artichoke Green Globe
Arugula Astro, Rocket
Beans – Bush Blue Lake, Borlotto Lingua Di Fuoco, Dragon Tongue, Royal Burgundy, Tavera Haricot Vert
Beans – Fava Delle Cascine, Extra Precoce White, Super Aquadulce
Beans – Pole Blue Coco, Blue Lake, Neckargold
Beans – Soy Midori Giant
Beets Bulls Blood, Chioggia Guardsmark
Broccoli Gypsy, Marathon, Packman
Brussel Sprouts Jade Cross, Long Island
Cabbage Emerald Cross, Famosa Savoyed, Ruby Perfection, Savoy King
Cauliflower Cheddar, Graffitti, Snow Crown, Snow Ball, Veronica
Celery Utah
NEW Collards Georgia
Corn Fisher’s Earlies Sweet, Luscious, Painted Mountain
Cucumber Armenian, Boothyby Blonde, Burpless 26, Lemon, Marketmore Select, Mexican Sour Gherkin, National Pickling, Straight Eight
Eggplant Ivory, Little Fingers, Rosa Bianca
Kale Curly Roja, Lacinator Rainbow, Lacinato Tuscan, Red Russian, Ripbor, Vates Dwarf
Leeks Electra, King Richard
Lettuce Beta Mix, Buttercrunch, Crispino, DMR Mix, Galactic Red, Gourmet Mix, Greak Lakes, Lolla Rossa, Merlot, Mesclun Mix, New Fire Red, Parris Island, Red Oak Leaf, Red Sails, Red Salad Bowl, Romaine Rhazes, Trout Back, Tango, Winter Density
Melon Hales Best
Mustard Hot and Spicy, Ruby Streaks
Nasturtium Jewel Mix
Onion Bunching Green, CabernetRed Cippolini, Talon, Walla Walla, White Lisbon Bunching
Pac Choi Joi Choi, Red Choi
Pea Oregon Sugar Pod, Sugar Daddy Snap
Peppers – Hot Anaheim, Apache, Basket of Fire, Carribean Red Hot, Cayenne Purple, Chenzo, Jalapeno, Mulato Isleno, Sandia Hot, Serrano, Tiburon
Peppers – Patio Cheyenne
Peppers – Sweet Better Belle, Big Bertha, California Wonder, Jimmy Nardello, Purple Beauty, Red Beauty
Pumpkin Big Max, Black Futzu, Cinderella Rouge Vif d’Etampes, Musque de Provence Fairytale, Piacentina Blue, Small Sugar
NEW Radicchio Red Preco
Rhubard Victoria
Spinach Bloomsdale, Corvair, Renegade, Samish
Squash – Summer Bennings Green Pattypan, Black Beauty Zuchinni, Crookneck Early, Emerald City, Goldy, Yellow Straight Neck
Squash – Winter Acorn Table Queen, Butternut Nutter Butter, Delecta, Vegetable Spaghetti
Swiss Chard Brigth Lights, Pink Passion, Rainbow MixRuby Red
Tomatillo Purple, Toma Verde
Tomato – New Cherokee Purple, Cherry Falls, Cosotluto Genovese, La Roma, Lemon Boy, Long Keeper Gold, Mega Bite, Mini Bell, Quick Pik, Sungold Cherry,
Tomato Beefsteak, Better Boy, Big Beef, Black Cherry, Black Krim, Black Prince, Brandywine, Celebrity, Early Girl, Goliath, Great White, Green Zebra, Indigo Rose, Large Cherry Red, Matt’s Wild Cherry, Oregon Spring, Red Pear, Roma San Marzano, Siletz, Sweet 100, Yellow Pear
NEW Tomato Grafted Big Beef, Cherokee Purple, Early Girl, Indigo Rose, Sun Sugar
Tomato Patio Totem
Turnip Des Vertus Mareau
Watermelon Crimson Sweet, Sugar Baby
Status Plant Name Variety

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